Lawn Turfing Service

Lawn Turfing for Your New Lawn

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try, your lawn will not respond to your efforts and you require a Lawn Turfing services.

If you are considering Lawn Turfing, Town & Country established in 1978 offer an expert service designed to achieve the best possible lawn laying results.

For your Lawn Turfing needs Town & Country will cover all of the relevant areas, namely:

  • Site Clearance
  • Soil preparation for turf
  • Ensure correct amount of turf is ordered
  • Laying of turf
  • Advise on aftercare.

A1 Town & Country offer Lawn Turfing for creating a new lawn for new or renovated properties where previously no grass was present, or Re-Turfing where an existing lawn or parts of it need to be dug out and replaced.

Whatever your requirements, please contact us today on Tel: 0208 950 1993 Mob:07766 632444 to request your free quotation.

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