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Tree Surgery & Tree Services Across Luton

The large town of Luton in Bedfordshire, in south-east England, situated nearly 30 miles from London, has been served by Experienced Tree Surgeons and Arborists, A1 Town & Country for several years. At A1 Town & Country, our tree surgeons and arborists can help preserve your trees’ health by providing you with a trusted Tree Surgery service. A service that has served customers since 1978 across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Berkshire. A1 Town & Country has saved many trees across gardens and property spaces by removing diseased or damaged branches. In some cases, applying patching to add protection from the elements and animals strengthens and stops further damage.  A1 Town & Country is only a Phone call away on 0208 950 1993 or  07766 632444 to obtain your Free Quotation, as with Tree Work time is of the essence!

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Tree Services Luton

Our Tree Services provide services commonly associated with tree and problems maintaining hedges, namely:

• Tree Felling
• Tree Stump Removal
• Tree Reduction
• Pollarding
• Crowning
• Tree Pruning
• Hedge Cutting and Trimming
• Stump Grinding.

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Tree Surgery Across Luton, Beds

Do you live in Luton and have trees that are dangerous or in a diseased condition, needing expert Tree Surgery? A1 Town & Country can help with your trees’ various issues and situations within your grounds or garden.

If your tree requires removing, our tree removal service can provide felling and Stump Grinding (Tree Stump Removal) to complete the task. We also remove debris from your garden or property grounds. As experienced Tree Surgeons, we can provide Luton residents and businesses with a complete tree removal solution.

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Tree Surgery Luton from a1 Town & Country
Stump Grinding Luton

Tree & Stump Removal

• Tree Felling
• Tree Stump Removal
• Tree Reduction
• Crowning
• Tree Pruning
• Hedge Cutting and Trimming

A1 Town and Country understand the demands of tree preservation and maintenance. As experienced tree surgeons established since 1978, have built a good reputation for delivering an efficient, safe, and friendly service to customers located in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire Berkshire.

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Experienced Tree Surgeon Serving Luton Residents

We fully appreciate your trees’ importance to your outdoor landscapes, not just the attractiveness they add every season, but the functional advantages they offer too, which includes providing privacy, shade, attracting birds to your garden, etc. However, to get the best out of your trees, they need proper care and maintenance, including seasonal trimming and pruning, to keep them healthy. In, addition if you have hedges in your garden or grounds, they will also require seasonal attention to maintain their appearance and health.

Our expertise also covers Grounds and Garden Clearance to transform your open space. Also, landscaping services are available if required, and we do provide a tree planting service if needed.

Tree Care & Maintenance Luton, Beds

Tree Surgeons & Tree Work Across Luton, Bedfordshire

A1 Town & Country as an environmentally responsible contractor, holds a Waste Disposal Licence and are insured.

Contact A1 Town & Country today to book your Free Site Visit and Free Quote for your Tree work requirements. Call 0208 950 1993 or 07766 632444.

1. Tree Pruning
2. Tree Reduction
3. Tree Felling
4. Pollarding
5. Crowning
6. Hedge Cutting & Trimming
7. Stump Grinding.

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A1 Town & Country as professional arborists work and provide Tree Care services across Luton and Bedfordshire areas.

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  • Providing Tree Surgery since 1978
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Welcome to A1 Town and Country. We are Tree Surgeons and Garden Landscaping Specialists serving Watford, North and North West London and Hertfordshire Towns.

Whether you’re looking for tree felling, new patio installation or fencing, our experience and knowledge makes us the perfect team for the job.

Let us take a look at that unruly, overgrown or diseased tree. Our tree care services include:

  • Tree felling
  • Lopping
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding

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A1 Town & Country Ltd work within a 30 mile radius from Watford, including Hertfordshire, North & North West London

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