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A1 Town & Country Tree Surgeons

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A1 Town & Country Tree Surgeons

Call: 0208 950 1993 or 07766 632444 today

Looking for experienced Tree Surgeons and tree care specialists in North London, Watford and across Hertfordshire?

Look no further than A1 Town and Country. Whether you have a tree blocking the view from your window or have an unsightly stump you’d like removed from your garden, A1 Town and Country Ltd, Tree Surgeons are the team for the job. Our years of experience in tree surgery as well as our dedication to conserving healthy trees, means we can take on any tree care project, no matter how complex.

We serve the following areas:

  • Watford
  • Rickmansworth
  • Tring
  • Berkhamsted
  • Radlett
  • Hatch End
  • Wembley
  • Harrow
  • Bushey
  • Radlett
  • Brickett Wood
  • St. Albans
  • Garston
  • Cassiobury Estate
  • Kings Langley
  • North London
  • North West London.

We do cover additional areas so Please Call with your enquiry.

Tree surgery services

Maintaining the trees in your garden is important for three main reasons:

  1. Safety – unstable and falling branches could cause injury or property damage
  2. Health – to keep your trees in the best possible condition, get them checked regularly for preventable diseases
  3. Appearance – Maintaining your tree will mean your garden will look tidier and more attractive

Occasionally, tree maintenance and tree surgery can also be used to stimulate fruit production on certain trees. We can prune, trim or remove pest contaminated wood from your tree to help ensure it’s in the best possible shape, keep you safe and allow you to enjoy your garden in the way you deserve.

Learn the magic behind our work

Our happy customers are always asking us how we achieve the amazing results we do. This is thanks to the perfect blend of experience and technique.

We’re careful to treat each case individually, reaching the best action plan for every tree we look at. For younger trees, we look to encourage growth and strong structure so you can enjoy the tree for years to come; while we tend to focus on the health and appearance of a more mature tree. This may involve crown thinning, raising or reduction.

As professional tree surgeons, we go to great lengths to ensure maintenance measures do not harm the tree, and always choose the techniques which will result in the shortest recovery time. When you choose A1 Town and Country Tree Surgeons, you’ll feel supported, advised and reassured in any decisions you make.

Please Call:0208 950 1993 or 07766 632444 today to discuss your Tree issues.

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